How long can i drive with a bad wheel bearing? (2024)

How long can i drive with a bad wheel bearing?

Once you notice any sign indicating a bad wheel bearing, avoid exceeding 500 miles with that issue. A failing wheel bearing will increase your difficulty in driving. But with a high-quality wheel bearing, you can drive for another 1000 miles as per the estimate.

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What happens if you keep driving on a bad wheel bearing?

It can, in fact, be very dangerous to drive if one of your bearings is worn out, especially since it may cause the wheel to stop while driving. Additionally, a damaged wheel bearing puts a lot of stress on the hub, the CV joint, and the transmission itself.

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How long can you wait to replace a wheel bearing?

Although the average life of a wheel bearing is potentially between 85,000 to 100,000 miles, factors such as road conditions, weather and even driving styles could shorten that distance considerably.

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What is the best speed to drive with a bad wheel bearing?

You can drive at the speed of 40mph by staying side by side slowly and steadily. Now, try to shift the vehicle's weight from one side to another. As discussed earlier, do not drive harshly or fast to avoid the car spinning out. Check if the noise is getting softer or louder.

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Is it OK to replace just one wheel bearing?

If Only One Bearing Is Bad, Do I Have To Replace Them Both? No. Your car's wheel bearings are entirely separate, and a failure in one bearing does not affect the others. You only need to replace the bearing that has failed.

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How much does it cost to fix a wheel bearing?

The national average is about $350 to fix the wheel bearings at one wheel. As you might imagine, however, luxury brands cost more. Please note: If the wheel bearings need replacing at one wheel, you don't necessary need to replace the bearings at the other wheel on the same axle.

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How urgent is replacing a wheel bearing?

Delaying a replacement could lead to excessive vibration in your steering wheel, or you may experience your vehicle pulling to one side. A damaged wheel bearing will also strain the hub assembly, CV (constant velocity) joint, and your vehicle's transmission.

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What is one of the first signs of bearing failure?

The first sign of bearing failure is excessive vibration. Following this, the bearing will begin to heat up past acceptable levels and produce excessive noises, either high-pitched or grinding. This article overviews these symptoms, discusses how to analyze them, and provides a few common examples of bearing failure.

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Can I drive on a bad wheel bearing for a week?

Once you notice any sign indicating a bad wheel bearing, avoid exceeding 500 miles with that issue. A failing wheel bearing will increase your difficulty in driving. But with a high-quality wheel bearing, you can drive for another 1000 miles as per the estimate.

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Can I drive 100 miles with a bad wheel bearing?

So replacing a bad bearing as soon as possible will save on more expensive repairs later. Typically, you shouldn't exceed 1,000 miles on a bad wheel bearing.


Which wheel bearing fails first?

If a driver overloads the vehicle, bearing damage could be inevitable. The most common failure pattern for wheel bearings is for those on the passenger side of the vehicle to fail first. The passenger side bearings are exposed to the most standing water in the gutter.

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Can your tire fall off if you have a bad wheel bearing?

If your wheel bearing fails, it can cause the wheel to stop while you are driving or possibly even to fall off. At the very least, before a wheel falls off, a failed wheel bearing can/will cause significant damage to your vehicle, so it's very important to keep an eye on these and keep them maintained.

How long can i drive with a bad wheel bearing? (2024)
Can a bad wheel bearing affect acceleration?

Since wheel bearings are what your tires spin on, they can reduce your acceleration as they fail. Due to poor lubrication or rust, wheel bearings can start to perform worse, and they won't let your vehicle acceleration freely.

What is the most common bearing failure?

1. Lubrication Failure. According to a recent study, up to 80 percent of bearing failures are caused by improper lubrication. This includes insufficient lubrication, use of improper lubricants or excessive temperatures that degrade the lubricant.

What can mimic a bad wheel bearing?

Sounds like a wheel bearing, but make sure it isn't a tire. Sometimes bad tires can mimic bad wheel bearing symptoms pretty closely.

How long does a wheel bearing job take?

The time taken to replace a wheel bearing is also slightly different depending on whether the bearing is on the front or rear wheel. A front wheel bearing replacement on average takes around 90 minutes, whereas a rear wheel bearing replacement takes on average just under 1 hour.

Can a wheel bearing lock up?

Wheel Lock

Most modern wheel bearings are sealed and for good reason. If any dirt, debris, or other contamination gets into the bearings, it could reduce lubrication and increase friction. If it gets too hot, or there's too much debris in the bearings, they could start to lock up or grind.

Do bearings usually give warning before they fail?

“The key is to listen to your car. Most times, a failing wheel bearing will exhibit a growling type of noise that changes with vehicle speed. The faster the car, the faster the frequency of the growl.”

What causes a wheel bearing to go out?

Impact damage or poor road quality – all impacts from driving through a pothole, driving over speed bumps or hitting the curbstone can damage a wheel bearing and reduce its lifespan. Poor quality wheel bearing – a wheel bearing is continuously under enormous pressure.

How do you fix a noisy wheel bearing?

How can you stop a wheel bearing making noise? Unfortunately you can't: the only solution to a worn, noisy wheel bearing is to have it replaced by a garage; bearings are not repairable.

Are wheel bearings on all 4 wheels?

Each wheel is equipped with a wheel bearing, a set of steel balls or rollers held by a cage in a ring of metal called a “race.” As the wheels spin, they create friction and heat. Wheel bearings help to reduce the friction, heat and protect the wheels and tires.

Can a wheel come off a car while driving?

If the bearing fails, or there is a problem with the axle/spindle nut and the hub comes loose, the hub and wheel can fly off. In some cases, a tire service company, mechanic or auto dealer may cause or contribute to wheel separation incidents.

How much wheel bearing play is ok?

As a rule, there should be no perceptible play in the wheel bearing if you are pulling and tugging on a wheel 12 and 6 o'clock, but up to . 010 inch of. play in the front bearings may be acceptable on some old vehicles cars and trucks with adjustable bearings.

Can a bad wheel bearing cause more damage?

Driving with worn wheel bearings can cause serious damage to your drive-axle and steering assembly and ultimately be a major safety hazard. Driving on a bad wheel bearing puts stress on the hub and CV joint, brake system components, and ultimately on the transmission itself.

Can wheel bearings cause death wobble?

Generally, death wobble is caused by several worn-out steering or suspension parts, although out-of-balance tires, bent wheels, loose wheel bearings, a bad alignment, low tire pressure, a bent tie rod, and more can all contribute to or cause death wobble.

Do wheel bearings affect brakes?

We found significant play in the bearing, which can lead to a soft brake pedal. Brake rotors are held in alignment by wheel bearings. If you have a faulty or loose wheel bearing, the rotor will wobble on its axis. This wobble causes the rotor to push the caliper piston into its bore (See Image 2).

Can I drive for a week with a bad wheel bearing?

You can still drive with a bad wheel bearing, but we wouldn't recommend it for long distances. Keep your mileage to a minimum and look out for worsening symptoms of a wheel bearing fault; we cover the symptoms to check for later in this guide.

What can be mistaken for a bad wheel bearing?

Squealing Or Grinding Noise

If you're hearing this noise, the issue may be a bad wheel bearing. To confirm it, change the speed of the vehicle. If the noise becomes worse the faster you drive, then it's almost certainly a bad wheel bearing. If the noise remains the same, then the issue may be the tires instead.

Do wheel bearings go suddenly?

It's very rare for wheel bearings to fail immediately and completely after you notice the first symptom(s). Having said that, it is best to avoid driving with a worn wheel bearing for any length of time.

What destroys wheel bearings?

Causes of Damaged Wheel Bearings

The most common reason bearings go on a vehicle is that they are destroyed by water or excessive heat. This wear happens when the seal around the bearings wears down or tears, exposing the bearings to debris.

What are four symptoms of a defective wheel bearing?

Read on to learn more about the symptoms of bad wheel bearings that you should watch for on your next drive.
  • Braking issues. ...
  • Uneven tire wear. ...
  • “Vibrating” steering wheel. ...
  • ABS service light issues. ...
  • Humming or growling noises. ...
  • Less precise driving and steering. ...
  • Clicking noises.

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