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2C Parking shortage forecast Policemen seek to block hiring CssotiH frm Page IC cials say they dnnl attt te find out after the complet opens thai they are responsible (or solving the parking problems. "He could be proactive rather than reactive." Bill Noma, assistant I the city manager, said. Still, Semaa said. It lakes about tw years te build parking garage. He said the problem apparently oat be solved by the time the slate occupies the eemples.

He said, bo ever, the city and center city businessmen will have bad a chance te prepare (or the parking W-tter said The only ay solve the problem, the commute decided, is te meet attk stale officials The committee hope get the City Council and city administration involved (he talks ith the state. "It's, a classic opportunity (or the public and private ends af the world getting together." Alan Casey, a committee member, said. It's hoped the meetings ith the slate ill shed seme tight on brther the state intends la provide parkmg (or lis and usilors or the burdea ill be placed no the city. Local offi Man shot in incident with police LAKE OZARK (API A Mkf County mas critical wounded Thursday kj allegedly pulled a shotgun on the police chief of Lake Ozark during a pre-din argument, authorities reported The maa. identified as Ralph Byrd.

of Brumley. as shot la the ft side. He anderwent emergency treatment at a Jv-ffersoa City bpiil, and then rhed to the I'niverwty of Missouri Medical Center in Columbia, here surgery as performed. Sheriffs deputies said Chief Mai Shut said he enl Several Springfield polirf-mea filed a petition Thursday la Circuit Court against the City af Springfield asking that the city he prohibited from hiring an officer the petition claims does not meet residency requirements Circuit Judge Jack Powell MMued a show cause order and set a bearing date ef I Thursday. The petition seeking a restraining order, a temporary injunction, and Permanent injunction says residency requirement for pil lie officer in Missouri, the petition said The petition also said Ra is more than years old and cannot come ithtn the provisions of Council Bill tn.

General Ordinance nu hub art mandatory retire ment at age and eligibility lor retirement pension at a years of sen ice Among those hstrd as plaintiffs ere officers Iiair Mctiuire, president of thr Springfield Police Officers Association, Ron Worsham and Douglas Rookstool In additMm to the City of Springfield, the pHitum named City Manager l)m Bosch and Personnel Dtrvr-tor Robrrt Cumley as fm dants. Demos choose delegate Kenneth Douglas Ryan lives Oklahoma, and as hired I la la a police officer and la te Ceatlaaed trwa Page IC report la ork Monday Ryan lived la Oklahoma hea be as hired and does aot meet the one-year state Ferer Staff Sgt. Rshert W. Celllas, tH, af, smiles Tkarsday after belag aeaieaeed te sis aseaths aard Ubsr asd hasted the raak af art ale. Cellisi was rMtsrtH ay a rtart ssartlal far a be slag sis recrahs at the Fart Dli.

Army kase. Careening car hits national Democratic Committee members and Gov. Joseph Teasdale plus sti others those 27 will select, im very negotiable. Ill work with them any say I ran I'D just have to reserve comment until I see what the issues Mrs. Pierce said.

Because Thomasoa ill be going te fan first convention, be said be hopes te receive input trora ether Democrats in southwest Missouri on what tvsues they would like to see token up in Memphis. The most intense discussion Thursday night centered around bet her the 7th District delegates should vote oa a resolutioa urging Missouri voters to reject the proposed nght-to-sjork Richard Bush said be does aot think ngnt-to-ork should become a party issue. Be said be resent state Democratic Chairman BUI Mater remarks last week calling (or a debate betaeea the Democratic and Republican parties on the issue. "I don't know anybody whe could spealt (or the bole Democratic Party in Missouri, Bush said. "I would accept it if the state committee endorsed nght-to-wort.

but I think Mauer has stepped beyond bis bounds." A majority of the delegates supported Bush's opinion, voting by a two-thirds majority to table the resolution. Missourian given 6 houses, vehicles months hard labor to investigate the report of someone treating a ditturb-ance la a truck at a trailer park near Lake Oark Shuti said he knew the maa and tried to quiet him. but hen be puUed the man (rore the truck, the maa grabbed a shotgun, deputies said. Pete Newman. Miller County chief deputy, said the maa pointed the shotgun the direction of Sbuu and the chief pulled his JM-aliber pistol and fired once.

Rope program adds directors The Rape Crisis Assistance program has added sis new members to It board of directors, according to Donna Straws, program director. New members of the board and the arras of interest they represent are: Kay Madden, volunteer force representative; Nancy Kerr, community representative. Marge Hutchinson, Jaycee Hives ef Springfield; Judy Brierly, Junior League of Springfield; Yolanda Rodriguez, U.S., Emergency Room, Cos Medical Center; and Dr. Ken Hall, siaf! psychologist, Burrrll Community Mental Health Center, Brothers face houses, i traffic sign, three bicycles, a car. truck and one person ere casualties In an accident huh wreaked havoc in a Glrnvood neighborhood late Wednesday.

Police said 17-year-old Stephen Christopher Garling. 1244 E. Linaood. was driving a pickup truck in the block E. Glenwood about II m.

hea the vehicle knocked down a speed limit sign. Rolling through a yard, the truck struck the northeast corner of the Dennis Coulter residence at 40 E. Glen-wood, causing estensive damage, officers said. Next, the pickup slammed Into a parked van ened by Roy Fleming. 414 Glen-wood, and shoved it sideways Into a car.

also owned by Fleming. Police said all of the vehicle stopped against Fleming's home and the front of hit car a knocked partially through the garage dfr. Three bicycles ere demolished during Ihe accident and the pickup and van ere heavily damaged, officers reported. Garling as arrested on a complain! of driving hile tntoKiratrd, and him passcn-ger. Curtis A Rlekhof, 17.

193 S. yer, a taken to St John's Hospital for treat ment of multiple facial lacerations. He aa listed In satisfactory condition Thursday night. Small climber is theft suspect Agile climbers managrd In remove te flags from the lop of a grain shaft at Cen tral Soya Co W. Ueusi.

pole reportid Wednesday Employee said a I'mted States and a Central Soj flag, both valued at at'ul T0, mere taken from a pule atop the tall structure A small footprint found near the pole indK-ated a juvenile pratiabty was respcinsilitr, af. ficers said i FORT DIX. SJ. tAP) -Aa Army drill sergeant aas sentenced la six months hard labor Thursday after be as convicted af abusing trainees at this recruit processing center. Staff Sgt.

Robert W. Collins. 2. of Pomona. was found guilty Wednesday of eight counts of improper conduct, including beating one trainee.

His sentence the maul-mum for the offense means aa automatic reduction in rank and pay to private Collins is one ef five staff sergeants to face separate eourts-nurtui on charges that they brutalied 22 trainees in late July and early August After Collins' sentencing, GOP to open headquarters The Stone County Republican Central Committee aw til open its campaign headquarters at I m. Oct. in fowling A news release from Stone County Committeeman Be iiouser said the office ttl be kxau-d in the Theater Mall at Kimberling Plaa. Congressman One Taylor. GOP state auditor bon ful James Antonio and State Sen.

Emery Melton. R-Ca tile, are scheduled ts attend the opening. trial began for Staff Sgt. Ricky Cordma. 55.

of Santa Rosa. Calif. Others charged are Staff Sets. Stephen L. Manthe.

24. of Sbavoee Mission, James llanmgan. 28. of Philadelphia, and Eduardo J. Fontado-Ponce, 13.

of Sayey, Puerto Rica. Collins was convicted af eight of a total af 17 counts Including beating a Philadelphia recruit with a woodea desk oameplate. Curtis Shetb, 1, testified that Collins beat him after he refused to continue chain-smoking cigarettes hit his bead was draped ith a poncho as a punishment for breaking smoking regulations. Three injured in collision A car truci roshup four mill's north of Springfield Thursday sent three persons to Cos Medical Center ith ruts and bruises. Troopers said the Missouri 12 accident occurred hea a est bound pickup driven by Witlard W.

Ve4. 77. Springfield, pulled Into the path of aa aut dm en south by Rjger Lee Martm. 21, St. Joseph, about 2 IS m.

Vest suffered minor cut and bruises but as not hospitalized, Martin's sife, Pcgiiy. y. sustained severe facial lacerations and and her thildren. Sarah and Scan. ere treated f'ir bruises.

i murder charges Sfeihufieid UeuInt Medical Cekter Is Maw Open Prcifiifig: Primary ond emefgency rsolth car. Stress and tiarcit testing. taboroory and x-ray facilities. Physical enomioationj. HOURS: I am -1 1 pm 7 DAYS A WEEK 831-21C0 42s lost totttsftsM iMi blw Cmp.H WAIX IN NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED A mmmtmmmm' MMOWMaUI VIENNA AP) Te Manes County men charged its capital murder ere re-based Thursday from the county ail in Vienna on I tim bond each Albert and William Hoffman, brothers, ere charged In connection ith the Aug II disappearance o( Ik-rnard Weiburg, o( Argjte, The Iloffmans ere arrested on a tip and rhargt murder after failing polygraph tests, the sheriff office said Tbeir preliminary hearing has been set for Oct It Fund-raiser planned WILLARD A twtk.ut ill be held Saturday to raise campaign funds for State Rep Juha Hoffman, The cookout ts scheduled to start at 4 34 m.

at the home ef Dr. Dwn Motley here. I wmn pa msm mm 4M8Mf U. A Keitk Jsaes etald eary gria and bear It daring WHlard srkwlv' epea lease Tkersday Bight It as a gswd escase far seme rarefal Issaectisa tf scbesl work by bis another. Mrs.

Margaret Jsaes. nm i f-" vr-o iv. -a lWillard schools open house Ceatlaaed (rem Page IC Forest show slated ROLLA The Forest Industry Sho-Sf Sho, a forest industry trade snow, will be Oct. 13-M tn Roila. They got a good idea of hat education is today to Willard schools, and a reac-quainunce itb the educational tradition open house.

Gary Perry man, ho was visiting with his wife, Barbara, and their seventh grader. Brad, thought a moment. "Open bouses? I don't remember going to any opes houses. But It could that I didn't ant to remember HAS MOVED TO A NEW, MORE CONVENIENT cuCf SHOPPiSRTlTfsjTlill LOCATION. ir 1938-B S.

GLEN STONE IN THE PIAZA SHOPPING CENTER JUL kull ius vXaJLi viyc TTicre are a lot of 1 hiskie out then. Straight. I j-, 'I Clends. Canadians, But none can give you the exceptional fed of Illack Vd vet Canadian Whiky. A premium import at a very pru-e.

TVy Black VdvfC And I I taste the Velvet different. i j.ww.'S vi i it's You don't have to pay fancy prices for FANCY FRAMES ALL MEN Area council to give awards NEVADA Honors and awards will be presented to ii area residents for outstanding volunteer service to their communities through church, club or other activities, at an Interchurcb Coordinating Council dinner at 7 18 m. Oct. It at the Community Center here. Area residents have been given the opportunity (or the fourth time to nominate their favorite volunteers (or the Regional Volunteer of the Year award.

The minner. as selected by a panel of three judges, will be announced at the awards dinner. Inner last year was Mel-sin Rice. Butler. Runner-up as Edith McCurdy, Nevada.

Included la nominees la their counties are Cedar County. El Dorado Springs. Faye Bramhall. Chris Fowler, Nora Madden. Anna Pack.

Tom Pease Iviihel-mina Ssindler, Josh and Evelyn Tye. and Ruba E. Uoodrnansee; Hickory County. Pittsburg, Virgil and Lula Lifchtfoot. and Wheatland.

Mary Ricks; St Clair Coun-ly. Lomry City. Nora Mctio-awH ern wnry. Pro- ouch. Da and Eileen Tbtmipsoa, and Vernoa Coun-.

Nevada. Myrtle Ehert. 'Akea Smith and Emma Trrr. WOMEN CHILDREN'S an I PRICED HIGHER "FRAMES ONE PRICE Ptitt 4ot 00t intludi cost tf CONTACT LENSES ONE PRICE 1 i-mmvmm vmmtfft 1962 CUNST0I( 173 PARK ClUTRAl Tswaise ls ll-2llt 1.

The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri (2024)


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