Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (2024)

Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (1)

Meet Susi Vidal, a 22 year old based in Tucson, Arizona. She’s got almost 1M followers on TikTok and almost 150K followers on Instagram.

So why do people follow her? Well, she’s the creator of OnlyPans, an idea that plays on the very popular subscription site OnlyFans but she makes cooking tutorial videos mixed in with a few well placed humorous jokes, she’s perfected the recipe for content that teaches people & makes them laugh.

How It Started

Susi started on TikTok a year ago with her first ever upload being on April 4th, 2020. And much like everyone else at the beginning of COVID quarantine, she did the popular foot tap trend to the Oh Na Na Na song as her first video. To date, that video has less than 10K views. Most people’s first videos don’t do well until you’ve reached some sort of niche content type and for Susi, it’s OnlyPans.

After her first few videos capitalizing on some popular trends and having fun with the family, she started making morning vlog videos where she would talk about her morning, she kept it fast, entertaining and almost always had a talking head type of shot (if not more than one). Very quickly, people started following for her personality and comedy chops. Here’s some screenshots from early videos just a few months in.

Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (2)

Over time you can almost see her getting better at making content. It’s short, funny and fast paced. Sometimes its just her, sometimes friends. Other times there’s text on the thumbnail and sometimes not. From a content perspective, she’s testing in real-time. Views constantly fluctuate on TikTok and it’s very hard to tell what works and doesn’t work with an audience in terms of many different tactics. Sometimes the easiest throwaway ideas will hit better than a fully produced line by line skit, it’s just the way the internet and specifically TikTok works.

That said, you can see Susi getting more comfortable in front of camera thru her videos. Her charming personality and engaging style is why people keep watching.

After these videos, she started hitting on a trend and doubled down on creating morning vlog videos. Some videos are her getting coffee before online Zoom classes, some are about how she made breakfast or stories about her life. Most start “I woke up like this” etc.

Consistency Builds Character

The main thing to note is that Susi stayed consistent. She was posting at least 4-5 times a week if not daily. That consistency is crucial to building a following and to garnering a following on TikTok or any platform for that matter. Your audience needs to know when to expect your content or they’ll tune into someone else who is more consistent. With TikTok, there’s not a lot of production time, which makes it easier to be consistent. They’re not long production videos either. Some of the morning vlog videos are 4-5 cuts between shots and captions and within 30 minutes, boom posted.

A few more months of making content and Susi had a great idea.

On November 19th, 2020 she had an idea to start OnlyPans and the first part of the series was made called “breakfast avocado sandwich thing”.

Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (3)

The TikTok is about 30 seconds and she literally shows you step by step what she’s cooking. It’s fast paced and easy to follow. Put the egg on the pan, add cheese, make a nice fold, spread avocado, boom done. So easy anyone can do it and much easier to follow than any text based tutorial. The funny part is the way she integrates some jokes like “oh hi Mark” text when she says Hi Katie (to her sister or her dog, I’m not really sure). But even with this first video, there’s no innuendos, just a name called OnlyPans where she cooks. And by name alone, people are intrigued to watch.

The next one is where she found a great way to intertwine the two and found her niche leading to more views and followers. Noods (aka noodles) > nudes, always.

Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (4)

She’s insanely good at integrating cooking and sexual innuendos that make anyone laugh (especially me because surprise I have a very dark sense of humor and love jokes of any kind). From her deviled egg recipe to stuffed bell peppers (the jokes here write themselves) to hot cocoa, her OnlyPans content is absolutely brilliant. I learn a bit about cooking and laugh in a minute.

Here’s a few more of her TikToks for your viewing pleasure:

If you’re thirsty, here’s her Hot Cocoa Recipe

Her showing off her WOK (and definitely not her WAP) making pad thai

She likes her eggs deviled

Now of course you’re probably wondering, does Susi have an OnlyFans? Can I subscribe? Well no, but you can watch her OnlyPans videos and more on TikTok!

Susi also has a fantastic podcast called Before the Hangover with her friend Randall where they talk about their crazy lives and you can definitely subscribe to that here!

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Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (5)

Susi Vidal, the creator of OnlyPans (2024)


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