STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (2024)


STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (1)

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STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (2)

Two big punching heavyweights will collide at London’s Copper Box Arena this weekend as undefeated Johnny ‘The Romford Bull’ Fisher (11-0 10KO) takes a step-up against the unpredictable Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic (12-1 11KO), writes JORDAN NEILD.

Johnny Fisher has been brought along steadily by promoter Eddie Hearn but he is improving with every fight and now feels like the right time to give the 25-year-old a real test. Hailing from Romford, the undefeated puncher has a loyal following and they will be keen to see him overcome a genuine threat in Alen Babic and move on to bigger and better things.

It’s impossible to take things for granted in the heavyweight division but Fisher is certainly the more technical fighter of the two. Training under the experienced Mark Tibbs, he is always well prepared, possess a solid jab and with ten knockouts in eleven fights, he clearly has fight-ending power.

Alen Babic rose to fame as a sparring partner for world title challenger Dillian Whyte and after impressing on undercards, he was catapulted into the limelight by Eddie Hearn and built as almost a novelty act. Adopting the nickname, ‘The Savage’ he gained fans due to his reckless fighting style and his willingness to take risks.

Those risks were paying off for a long while and he was knocking out everyone he faced, usually in quick fashion, until he ran into experienced Polish contender Lukasz Rozanski in April 2023. Rozanski was not fazed by the front-foot nature of Babic and knocked him out inside one round and exposed him as an entertaining but ultimately limited fighter.

‘The Savage’ bounced back from his first defeat with a knockout victory over Steve Robinson but his limitations were again exposed in that fight and he arrives in London with a lot to prove. Nobody can deny he is entertaining or that he can punch, but he will need to show something new against someone like Fisher. If Babic decides to once again walk forward and completely abandon his defence, this could be a short night for all involved.

Johnny Fisher is the worthy favourite and with an experienced team in his corner, he will be well prepared to deal with this step-up. The 25-year-old has the cleaner technique and providing he can avoid being hit with anything unexpected, he should find enough holes to expose Babic and don’t be surprised if it comes early. Less than three completed rounds at (1/1) is the play here.

On the undercard, British and Commonwealth super featherweight champion Reece ‘Bomber’ Belotti returns to defend his belts against Levi Giles over twelve rounds. Belotti (18-5 14KO) is enjoying a career resurgence and comes into this fight on the back of beating two previously undefeated fighters in Liam Dillon and Aqib Fiaz.

Now 33, Belotti is in the second half of his career but he has never looked better. He was once billed as a future world title contender by Eddie Hearn but four defeats in five fights between 2018-2021 derailed his momentum and the Londoner was cast aside by his promoter.

The rebuild has been slow and steady since 2021 but Belotti has clawed his way back and now finds himself back on the big stage and it is deserved. Blessed with knockout power and tonnes of bravery, ‘Bomber’ is a credit to British boxing and will have plenty of fans singing his name this weekend.

In the opposite corner, Levi Giles is looking to claim the first major title of his professional career and catapult himself into the mainstream. The 28-year-old is a solid campaigner but he has spent most of his career on the small hall scene and the one time he did take a jump up in class, he was beat by Michael Gomez Jnr.

Giles has a respectable record of 15-1 (4KO) but he has shown a lack of power throughout his career and that won’t help him against a fighter like Belotti. To his credit, Giles showed incredible toughness in that defeat to Gomez Jnr and he will keep Belotti honest this weekend.

Things haven’t always been straight forward for Reece Belotti but he is a talented fighter and he should have enough in his arsenal to overcome Levi Giles this weekend. ‘Bomber’ has big power but with a tough man in front of him, he may need to settle for a decision victory this weekend. (6/4).

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STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (11)

STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (12)


    STAR BOXING PREVIEW Sat: Johnny Fisher v Alen Babic (2024)


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